Olympic Peninsula - Winter Steelhead

Mid November to Late April

Mid-November means that the long awaited winter steelhead fishing season has finally arrived once again. Beginning around the second week of November the first of the hatchery steelhead begin to nose into the Hoh, Bogachiel, Sol Duc, Calawah, and Quillayute rivers of the Olympic Peninsula. The hatchery steelhead runs peak around mid-December and begin to taper of in early January.

All is not lost though! In early January the first of the anticipated native steelhead begin to show up in good numbers in the same rivers. These native steelheads are what makes the Olympic Peninsula rivers world-renown for steelhead fishing. The native steelhead runs peak from late January to early March. They still provide good fishing until late April.

Each year rods will bend and endurance will be tested by steelhead in excess of 30 pounds. Many over 20 pounds (considered a trophy) are caught by our clients each season.

Although not required by law in all stretches of the rivers, we do support catch-and-release on native steelhead. At this time, you are allowed to keep one native steelhead per day, up to 10 annually, from the Quillayute River System. The native steelheads are arguably one of the greatest of the freshwater gamefish and we are committed to do what we can to help preserve their stock. If you do catch a trophy fish, we always have a nice camera and tape measure to record the deed so that your story doesn't have to start with "You should've seen the one that got away…!".

We fish from a heated 16' Willie Drift Boat that can accommodate two people for the white water trips. We use only the finest of equipment, including G-Loomis and Talon fishing rods, Gamakatsu hooks, Shimano and Ambassadeur reels and Izor line. Of course if you're more comfortable with your own gear, bring it along.

Reserve your fishing dates as early as possible because prime dates, especially week-end trips, book early.

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