Puget Sound - Salmon

Puget Sound - Salmon 20 lb chinook, Dalco Point, AugustThe salmon begin their spawning runs in the spring and early summer. The salmon include huge chinook, energetic coho, chum, pink, and sockeye.

The chinook is a mighty fish that will test a fisherman and his equipment. They will range from 8 to 25 pounds, but a few lucky anglers will have a chance to catch a large fish in excess of 35 pounds. The coho is smaller than the chinook, but some fisherman prefer their acrobatics and eating qualities. Coho will range from 6 pounds to over 20 pounds.

Puget Sound - Salmon We fish from an open 22' Willie Asaltor powerboat and utilize downriggers, mooching tackle, live and artificial bait. We use only the finest of equipment, including G-Loomis and Talon fishing rods, Gamakatsu hooks, Shimano and Ambassadeur reels, and Izor line. Of course if you're more comfortable with your own gear, bring it along.

Salmon fishing trips are a great way for the whole family to get together and and enjoy the sun and sea. For those hot, sunny days (yes, we have a few of those days in Washington!) be sure to bring along your sun glasses and sun screen.

Reserve your fishing dates as early as possible because prime dates, especially week-end trips, book early.

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