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River Oaks RV Park and Campground - Located on the northern shore of the Cowlitz River, River Oaks offers the "Best of 'both' worlds"! Visitors experience the 'best' during their stay at River Oaks by providing the avid angler local fishing access on the Cowlitz River along with an aesthetically pleasing area for the amateur horticulturist.

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Washington State:

Washington State Home Page: This is the main web page of the state government for accessing anything related to Washington State.

Washington State Ferries:

Washington State Ferries Home Page: This is the main web page for the Washington State Ferry System. It will give you access to all ferry routes and schedules. Washington State Ferries Route Map: This link displays a clickable ferry route map that shows all the routes in Washington State.

To Learn More About the Fish: Home Page: This web site has some pretty useful links to items of interest for fishing. It includes, but is not limited to, fishing reports, tides, stocking plans, catch records, jokes, and classified ads. Know Your Fish: This web site gives a brief description of the types of fish that can be found in Washington.

Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) Browse Page: This web site is managed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It has some interesting 'scientific' information about all kinds of fish.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

WDFW Home Page: This is the web site maintained by Washington State's Department of Fish and Wildlife. Start here for all things related to Washington's outdoors.

WDFW Fishing and Shellfishing: This is a quick link to Washington State's Department of Fish and Wildlife's Fishing and Shellfishing page. It has the latest news, fishing reports, regulations, etc. It is well worth your time to take a cruise through this web site just to get a flavor for what is available.

WDFW Licensing and License Types and Fees: These are just quick links to more of Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife pages. They are provided just so you don't have to dig around in WDFW web site to find them.

WDFW Fishing & Shellfishing Rules: This is the main web page for Washington's fishing regulations. It has links to all the fishing rules, regulations, and any rule changes that are in effect. All of the rules and regulations are in PDF file format. If you don't want to download the entire rules and regulations pamphlet you can download only those parts that you're interested in. The rules and regulations that are most directly related to our fishing trips are Statewide Freshwater Rules, Special Rules - Westside Rivers and Lakes, and Marine Area Rules.

Since all fishing regulations and seasons are subject to change, in Washington you should check the WDFW Fishing Hotline by calling 360-902-2500 and press 2 for recreational rules. For shellfish rule changes hotline call 360-796-3215.

Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader: Much of the information that can be retrieved from our web pages will be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This is a link where you can download the free PDF reader directly from Adobe.

Weather Reports:

These are some of the useful links we found for accessing weather reports and river conditions for Washington State. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Data Buoy Center provides coastal waters marine forecasts for Washington. The National Weather Service Forecast Office provides local weather forecasts and information. The Weather Underground Home Page is the entry point for finding some very useful weather information for anyplace in the United States. Just enter city, state, zip code, or country information. The Forks, WA, Olympic Peninsula, and Vashon, WA, Puget Sound, links are just direct links to the two areas that we fish.

Puget Sound Tide Tables:

To help you plan your fishing trips, the Tides at Tacoma, Washington, shows a graph of the Puget Sound tides. Other tide stations and current stations can also be selected. Please take note of the disclaimers and abide by them!

Maps and Driving Instructions:

Yahoo! Maps for Washington State, Microsoft Expedia Home Page, and Microsoft Live Local are three web sites that can give you driving instructions from one point to another.

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